Keys to Successful Selling

Keys To Success for Selling Kettle Corn as a Fundraiser:

  • Why Cal Coast Kettle Corn

Cal Coast Kettle Corn is a locally owned business that is excited about supporting the community’s youth and being a part of their success! Cal Coast Kettle Corn creates handcrafted, freshly made Kettle Corn. It’s delicious and people of all ages “can’t stop eating it”. It’s a satisfying snack that is fun, simple to sell, and a profitable fundraiser.

  • Kickoff Meeting

Have a fun Kickoff Meeting to inform your team, members, and parents of this fundraiser. Share goals, explain program, pass out forms, sample product, and get everyone excited!

  • Set a Fundraising Goal

Communicate this fundraising goal and how much you’d like to raise with parents, team members, and supporters. Share how your group will raise the funds and why it’s important (new uniforms, travel expenses, extracurricular activities…). Ask for their support and share the excitement of how these funds will impact each member.

Success Tip!

  • Ownership: Share with your members that this is “their fundraiser” and give examples of how each will personally benefit.
  • Ask each member what their personal goal is and how they plan to achieve it.

Fun Tip!

  • Have a goal chart they can see that keeps track of the groups progress.
  • Incentivize by showing prizes when a certain level is reached. Have a raffle.
  • Show them pictures or samples of the new uniforms or location they will be traveling to.


  • Designated Contact

Designate a contact person or representative (other than the coach or director). Keep this fundraiser simple by having one representative to communicate with the group, collect orders and money, and interact with Cal Coast Kettle Corn.

Success Tip!

Communication is key! Gather names and email addresses of members and parents.


  • One Day Blitz

Set a date for a One Day Blitz. This date is when members go out into their neighborhood or community on a designated date to promote this fundraiser and take orders.

Success Tip!

  • Safety is always a priority! A parent should always accompany youngsters.
  • It’s possible for members to achieve their personal goal on a One Day Blitz.

Fun Tip!

  • Wear your team jersey or an article of clothing that associates you with your team or group.
  • When team members go out in groups, they have more fun, keep each other accountable, and support each other’s efforts and goals.


  • Important Dates to Communicate

1) Time Frame to Take Orders: 1 to 1 1/2 weeks is appropriate. Pick the dates for your group to sell.

2) Order Deadline: The date when orders and money need to be turned in to the groups representative.

3) Member Pick-up Date: The date when the Kettle Corn is delivered and picked up by your members.

4) Customer Delivery Dates: When customers can expect their delivery from your member.

Success Tip!

Ask each member to write in these important dates on the Sales Order Form.